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Ack's FAQ has a search engine that allows you to search the entire database for information that matches the search term you enter. You can also narrow down your search by selecting a category filter on the search page. Just click on the down-arrow in the category filter box on the right to select Category you are interested in. You can also search the entire database by leaving the filter set to all.

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Some operational tips for searching:

As the red text, above, indicates, you cannot cut and paste the URL link of the Search Results page to a forum or media page post.

Each Search Results page is dynamically created to the specifications of your search choices. It cannot be duplicated by cutting and pasting it's URL to a forum or social media message. You CAN cut and paste an individual page's URL once you go to that selected page.

Any web page that you select will appear as a new tab on your browser. To return to the original Ack's FAQ search page, click on the search tab.

You can also click on the Search button or the mobile menu icon in the banner menu to start another search.

Using the Gear Calculator

The gear calculator is designed for use with a number of Suzuki OEM and aftermarket gear ratios. Additionally, there are Toyota ratios - which requires a Toyota carrier and axle to use.

It is important to know that some Suzuki drivetrain components cannot be used with other drivetrain components. For example:

You can mate a G16 block to a Samurai/Sierra 5-speed but not the other way around. A Samurai transfer case can be fitted behind a two wheel drive Sidekick/Tracker/Vitara manual or automatic transmission but a four wheel drive transmission requires an aftermarket adapter.

Gear ratios available for a Samurai transfer case cannot be used in a Sidekick/Tracker/Vitara transfer case. The same is true for "New" Jimny gearing.

Think carefully when mixing and matching components from different vehicles.

The Home Page (using a Mobile Device)

When you are using a Mobile Device to access Ack's FAQ, the traditional menu icons are replaced with a white three-bar icon in the upper right of your device's screen. Click anywhere on that icon and a navigation menu will appear on the right side of the screen.

The Home Page (using a PC or Mac)

When you are using a PC or Mac to access Ack's FAQ, a traditional icon based menu will appear as pictured above. Click on the text icon to navigate to the page of your choice.

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