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First, the fine print...

All Items are priced with shipping included to the US. Shipping to other countries will be quoted to you. The product will be shipped when payment for the quoted international shipment is received. Otherwise, the purchase amount will be refunded.

These items don't simply pop out of the 3D printer every 17.5 seconds like a hot cup of Earl Grey to suit Picard's taste.

It takes time and expensive equipment to make this stuff. Time measured in hours, not minutes and seconds. Item are printed with expensive equipment printers that print objects down to tenths of a millimeter (ie - REALLY SMALL) then hand-assembled by me in the good 'ol USA.

I know Zukers are a thrifty lot but if you want a product that gets the job done, sometimes you have to pay for it. I try to price these products to meet the target market (you guys and gals) but I have to pay the bills, too.

Direct any problems that you may have with your product or order to I WILL take care of you and the product I sold you!

If you decide to take your problem to the Internet Court of Public Opinion (eg. post a complaint directly in a forum or in public media) first, then all bets are off.

Now that I have provided you with all the fine print, lets get to the Order catalog!


due to recent events having to do with international trade relations, the Samurai Aftermarket Dash Clock is unavalable for the forseeable future.


Ack's "No Brainer" Plug and Play LED Headlight Harness

  • Lite Version: $37.00 (SALE!)
  • Clicky Starter Version: $49.50 (SALE!)
  • Plus Shipping to Continental US only.
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Ack's Custom Dual-Bulb Fender Light Fixtures

  • Fixture without lens $39.00
  • Clear Lens (Pair, lenses only) $18.00
  • Plus Shipping to Continental US only.
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