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Ack's FAQ - Your Internet roadmap to find answers to your Suzuki 4x4 Maintenence and Modding questions

Ack's FAQ is an custom-built search engine. It directs you to Suzuki websites, forum sites and media pages all over the Internet that have the answers to your Zukin' questions.

Unlike regular search engines, all you get is Suzuki-related manuals, modding, maintenence and historical information. No anime, J-pop, katanas, kimonos or violin lessons. How cool is that?

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Learn how turn signal relay modules work with a new article about mechanical and electronic flasher modules. Discover how LED lighting is affected by the type of flasher module you use along with the dangers and disadvantages of using ballast resisitors. Check it out today with a search for


LowRange Offroad has a bunch of GREAT "How-To" articles on their site. While they are basically a series of advertisments for their products (feel free to check them all out at they are also excellent references to use when you are fixin' problems on your Zuk!

I am adding more links to these installation articles on a regular basis so you can install that clutch, power steering pump or any of dozens of components the RIGHT WAY courtesy of LowRange Offroad!

Another, simpler "Clicky Starter" Fix.

Instead of rewiring the starter solenoid circuit, try cleaning out two decades of current-blocking goo in your ignition switch. It's simple with David Bedient's Samurai Ignition Switch rebuild tutorial. Do a search for clicky starter to learn more.