Ack's U-Do-It CHSKY LED Harness kit


Ack's U-Do-It CHSKY(tm) Harness Install Kit

Plug-N-Play LED Headlights on the cheap with the CHSKY(tm) Harness, Ack's U-Do-It mounting kit and the LED headlights of your choice!

Introductory price: $20.00 - Shipping included to continental United States


Now you can do LED Headlights on the cheap with our U-Do-It CHSKY(tm) LED Headlight Harness Mounting Kit! It comes with all the stuff you need to install the CHSKY(tm) Headlight harness (available for as little as $12 bucks on eBay) for almost half the cost of Ack's Plug-N-PLay LED Headlight Harness!

The kit includs everything the CHSKY(tm) kit is missing:

  • Illustrated Installation Instructions
  • 3D printed relay mounting bracket with all mounting hardware
  • 7-inch headlight bucket modification tips
  • wiring information for built-in DRL and turn signal lighting for your LED headlamps (LED headlamps not included)

Instructions located here for your convenience.

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