Ack's "No Brainer" Plug and Play LED Headlight Harness




All the heavy lifting has been done for you when you convert to energy-efficient LED headlamps using Ack's Plug and Play LED Headlight Harness! This harness is wired to reverse the current flow so that the LED headlights (not included) that you choose WILL work at the end of the installation.

It is LITERALLY Plug and Play! Simply mount the 3D-printed relay board on the edge of the passenger front fender as pictured above, route and secure the driver's side of the harness, install the relays in their sockets, connect the power and ground wires to the battery (there is already an inline fuse on the positive cable) then plug the Passenger headlamp socket into the socket on the relay board.

The only thing left to do is mount the LED headlights (some modifications to the Samurai headlight mounting system may be required to fit your LED headlamps).

There is also a version that includes a third relay assembled with all the associated wiring and connectors necessary to add auxillary lighting equipment or a a "Clicky Starter" relay system to your Samurai!

Instructions located here are also included to show you how to connect built-in turn signal and DRL lights if your LED headlamps are so equipped.