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It's a MOBILE SITE! - So says Admiral Ackbar...

Ack's FAQ finally gets dragged into the Twenty-First Century with a completely new (and VERY mobile friendly!) look. You should be able to do all kinds of stuff you could not do before - like fitting a full-width page onto your screen and expanding that page to isolate and view a specific page in a graphic, webpage or a pdf file!


This Just In.... The Ack Store IS STILL OPEN!

The Ack Store

The product offerings grows as Xmas approaches. Instead of illegal Cuban cigars (they are illegal, aren't they?) why not suggest to Santa that you really would like a bit of Bling for your Zuk. Make it so with a purchase at the Ack Store.

ZukiKrawlers - Is Back! is back! Some of the articles linked here may be missing pics. Unfortunately those pics were hosted by the authors so there is a good chance that they are lost forever - unless the original poster replaces them with copies.

A "New" Clicky Starter Fix Method

The traditional method of fixing the "Clicky Starter" problem has another EASY solution available in the form of an excellent DIY fix article from David Bedient Jr. on Facebook!

For the complete process including pictures, do a search for Clicky here in the FAQ.