Ack's Custom Dash Clock with built-in 2 amp. USB Charger



Have you always wanted a dash-mounted clock in your round-vent Samurai? Did your old clock die on you?

Here is your replacement - with even more functional features than the original!

This clock is programmed to display 24-hour time, temperature (in Centigrade) and battery voltage all in one unit!

Plus, there is a 2 amp. USB charger built into the clock!

The clock can be mounted in the exisiting center clock mounting position (a power connector is inside the dash if you do not already have a clock in your Samurai) or you can mount it in one of the round fresh air vents (extra wiring required).

Wiring instructions with simple-to-follow instructions on how to program your new dash clock are included!

Installation instructions can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.