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Another Site Mod has taken place... and is BACK!

The last site mod was a bit too "clever". It screwed up the search engine causing many searches to fail. I removed the "fancy code" and the result is reliable searches without the eye candy. Please enjoy the latetest version of the Ack's FAQ Search Engine! is back online! Be sure to stop by and take advantage of the vast storehouse of knowledge there! If you have a solution to a Zuk problem and want to make it easier to find by everyone, post it at Facebook is a magical place in it's own way, but is a giant PITA to do a search for specific information. Support Zukikrawlers (and all the other Zuk forums) through regular use and tech posting.

This Just In.... The Ack Store IS OPEN!

The Ack Store

It has been a long uphill battle. Lots of adjusting, tinkering and fiddling to get every product just right.

...And now, at long last, the Ack Store Is NOW OPEN!

Due to the time-consuming nature of 3D printing, there will be limited stock on every item in the store. There will be growing pains at first, but your interest in my products will drive my ability to increase production. With this in mind,there may be delivery delays as production is adjusted to meet demand.

When a product goes into backorder bigger than 10 units, I will temporarily stop sales on the item until I am caught up..

I will be happy to give full refunds if you are not willing to wait for your order to be filled.

I have 11 years of devotion to the Suzuki community through Ack's FAQ. Because of this, it is my duty to make make every customer a satisfied customer!

ZukiKrawlers - Down but not Out continues with server problems. At this time, the operators continue their quest to get the site back online Until then, be aware that links in the Ack's FAQ database may not be functional. Be patient!

A "New" Clicky Starter Fix Method

The traditional method of fixing the "Clicky Starter" problem has another EASY solution available in the form of an excellent DIY fix article from David Bedient Jr. on Facebook!

For the complete process including pictures, do a search for Clicky here in the FAQ.

Welcome to the NEW Ack's FAQ!

We have a new, cleaner look. All the bits and pieces of the older looks are gone. Under the hood, there are subtle changes that help you keep track of where you are on the site - when possible, an Ack's FAQ banner page encloses the page you searched for that tells you what page you are looking at no matter where you are in that page. Even when there is no banner page, you can easily go back to your search page by clicking on the page tab at the top of yout browser (see Help for more information). Plus, Ack's FAQ Search engine have been optimised to make it easier for you to find stuff and me to keep it all in order!

Latest News

04-01-17:    New articles and links fixed!

New articles and webpage links are constantly being added! These include a facebook post on installing the Toyota 4k carburetor by Chris Schneider!

If you have found a useful post on Facebook, share it with me - Jim Cambron - on so I can put a link to it in the FAQ database.

After the recent site rebuild, a few links to documents were broken - most notably the Samurai EFI Supplement. These are slowly being fixed.

If you find a broken link during your searches, please email me at Ack's Help Desk so that I can fix it.

06-07-15:   A bug has been stamped to death!
Many of you have been having difficulties accessing PDF files here at Ack's FAQ - you have been unable to scroll down the PDF document that you selected in your search. This was caused by a bug in the script that creates all links containing a PDF file.

Thanks to user Beau Thomas, I was able to pinpoint and fix the problem! is no more...
It is with some sadness that I hear that another great source of information about the modding and servicing Suzuki 4x4 vehicles has called it quits. Recently, a poll was posted on the homepage of asking if should continue. Apparently the results of (or possibly lack of response to) the poll convinced the webmaster to "throw in the towel" so to speak.

I held no animosity towards filled a niche in the Suzuki information pool that Ack's FAQ was unable to properly serve - the international Suzuki community. Acks' FAQ will continue and make an effort to fill the hole that left behind.

Pages are born and die every day on the Internet. This "circle of life" results in broken links here at Ack's FAQ. Sometimes the pages are lost forever. Other times, useful information lingers in The Internet Archive's "WayBack Machine". When I find a dead link in the database and I am able to locate the page (or substantial parts of it) in the Internet Archive, I modify the database record to point to the "WayBack Machine" version of the page using the above icon in the search listing.

08-17-15: Have you ever struggled to find a complete mod article at ZukiWorld's Archive? The original Izook webmaster, Bill Johnston (billjohn in the forums) has a webpage containing the best of the Suzuki articles from! I have added a searchable link to the main page of BillJohn's website right here at Ack's FAQ. Use the searchword izook to find it. Searchable links to individual pages will be added as I find time.

03-1-15: The problem with finding H-and J-series engine information has been fixed! I have revised the database record that points to that information to make it easier to find.